Spread-a-Bale agriculture attachments are designed to make your straw go further than before with minimal waste. Developed to save time, money, and straw, the Spread-a-Bale M range of products has become synonymous with reliability, durability, and high performance. 

Spread-a-Bale helps with one of the most arduous tasks on the farm; spreading bedding straw. One 700kg rectangular bale can be spread in as little as 45 seconds, making Spread-a-Bale one of the industry leaders in this market. Instead of following other manufacturers by simply cutting and blowing the straw, Spread-a-Bale products provide an even spread around the full pen with minimal dust particle spread. Able to be fitted to several machines, and with a selection of sizes to cater to all types of operation, Spread-a-Bale attachments are an excellent addition to your farming operation and are beneficial for both livestock and you. 

The difference found in Spread-a-Bale attachments is that they are fully all-in-one machines. They offer self-loading and spreading capabilities, saving time, and creating longer bedding straw which lasts longer. 

Spread-a-Bale attachments are fitted with your selection of mountings and can be attached and detached in minutes. With the unique self-loading mechanism, simply raising the head and reversing the belt will pull the bale into the chamber. When it is in position, simply cutting the twine means you are now ready to spread. By raising to your desired angle and setting machine revs, you can spread the bale up to 8 metres


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