Sparex is a manufacturer of over 50,000 agricultural spare parts and accessories. At Scot Agri, we carry a large selection of Sparex parts including a range of OEM standard tractor parts covering an extensive range of makes and models including Massey Ferguson, Valmet/Valtra, John Deere, Case IH, New Holland and many more. We also stock Sparex agricultural accessories from LED lighting to complete PTO shafts.  

Sparex Micro Bright LED Beacon  

Meet the Micro Bright Beacon: the industry's tiniest titan of LED safety lighting. Size isn't everything—this compact powerhouse outshines, outlasts, and outperforms the competition with ease. It's the same beacon trusted on the John Deere R & RX series tractors. With minimal lens exposure to the elements, a waterproof, fully sealed design, and robust over-mould construction, it's built to withstand anything. It boasts an ECE Rating of Reg 10 and Reg 65, and an IP Rating of IP67, ensuring top-notch durability and protection. Plus, it features a single flash function for straightforward, effective signalling. 

Sparex Security Cameras 

Sparex Wi-Fi Security Camera 360 Degrees 

Elevate your security, both inside and out, with the latest Wi-Fi-enabled camera system from Sparex. This advanced camera offers an impressive 18x zoom, making details crystal clear from distances over 100 meters. Snap high-resolution 4MP photos or record crisp 2.7K HD videos with just a click. When the lights go down, its enhanced infrared night vision ensures you won't miss a thing, capturing sharp footage in low-light scenarios. 

Its cutting-edge motion sensor technology not only detects but also tracks people in real-time. Choose from general motion detection for tracking animals and vehicles, or opt for AI-enhanced humanoid detection for focused monitoring of individuals. Store your footage conveniently on an SD card or upload directly to the cloud. 

Receive instant alerts on your smartphone or tablet with our easy-to-download app, available in multiple languages for diverse user needs. Pair your camera through the app, allowing up to four users to connect simultaneously via the 'Share' function. Monitor all networked devices at a glance, access any camera for live views or to adjust settings, and effortlessly navigate through its features. 

The camera's pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, along with pre-set positions, simplify surveillance of crucial areas. Engage in two-way conversations through its powerful speakers and microphone, enhancing remote interactions. Designed for extensive coverage, it operates on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal and boasts a durable shell that's IP66 rated, ensuring resistance to extreme weather and temperatures. 

Included in the package are the Wi-Fi Security Camera, an instruction manual, mounting screws, and a power cord, complete with a Euro plug and UK adaptor, ensuring you have everything you need to secure your space. 

Sparex 4G Security Camera 

This security camera comes equipped with red and blue strobe lights and a formidable 130dB siren, a robust deterrent for unwelcome visitors. Instant notifications are sent directly to your smartphone or tablet through our easy-to-install app, which offers multilingual support for versatile operation. 

After a quick app login, you can connect the camera and share access with up to three other users, making it a breeze to collaborate on security. Effortlessly check on all connected devices and jump into live feeds or recordings, taking full control over camera settings. 

Navigate through the camera's movements with pan, tilt, and zoom features, and designate favorite positions to keep a steady eye on essential areas. Remote communication is clear and easy, thanks to the powerful built-in speakers and microphone, facilitating two-way talk. 

Despite its light and compact form, this camera is an outdoor champion with no need for Wi-Fi, ideal for isolated spots. It boasts an IP66 rating, ensuring its reliability in harsh weather. The package includes a 4G Security Camera, an instruction manual, necessary screws, and a power cord equipped with a Euro plug and a UK adapter. 

  • Sparex Mini LED Series 
  • ECE Rating: Reg10 - E4 10R/053598
  • CE Approved: Yes
  • IP Rating: IP6K9K
  • Connection Type: DT Connector