Tama Farm Grown Solutions

We supply TamaTwine and Tama Netwrap to give your crops the best protection.

Tama Farm Grown Solutions from Scot Agri 

With over 70 years of agricultural and manufacturing experience, Tama design and supply the best bale wraps and twine in the industry. Being farmers themselves they have created innovative wrapping and twine products to improve your efficiency and productivity.  

TamaTwine: Maximise your nailing performance

From low to extreme density, Tama offer a range of twines for every application.  

  • Tama LSB Max gives you the maximum twine for your money, ideal for crops that are not too tough and balers with low density.
  • Tama LSB Long allows you to bale for longer with standard density crops. 
  • Tama HD Extra/Extra XL gives you tough twine to work in challenging conditions. 
  • Tama IMPAX HD Prime is Tama’s longest twine available, it is perfect for tough jobs and the extra length helps with easy handling.
  • Tama IMPAX HD Ultimate offers you total workability and unbeatable strength even working with crops with the highest density.  

TamaTwine products each come with extra pack length which means that you require less spool changes and there is less waste. The unrivalled knot performance gives you extremely reliable tight knots on your bales and the uniform spool share ensures trouble-free performance. Each product within the Tama range also has special UV protection to withstand light exposure of prolonged periods of time.  

TamaNet Edge to Edge: Premium protection for your crops

Tama’s Edge to Edge netwrap is the perfect protection for your hay, straw and silage bales. It offers advanced protection in even the worst Scottish weather conditions giving you complete peace of mind that your crops are safe and secure no matter how many times you need to move or handle them.  

Every roll of Tama’s netwrap contains the stated length – guaranteed and the longer rolls means you get more bales per roll and require less roll changes, saving you time and money. Tama also use less plastic in their wrap and the mesh lock technology means there is no net laddering.