Scot Agri Service Contracts 

At Scot Agri we know how important it is to maximise the uptime of your machinery. With a service contract you can safeguard your investment while controlling your servicing costs, this is an investment into the longevity of your machinery to ensure your farm operates smoothly season after season.  

Expert Maintenance  

With a service contract from Scot Agri, you get access to our team of highly qualified Service Engineers who will ensure your equipment received the highest standard of care. Each service carried out at Scot Agri uses the latest diagnostic tools and genuine manufacturer parts to ensure your machinery is reliable and ready to work.  

Guaranteed Costs 

Financial planning is crucial in agriculture, a service contract from Scot Agri will lock in your maintenance costs helping you manage your budget and reduce your unexpected costs.  

Extended Equipment Life  

Regular, professional services can significantly improve the lifespan of your machinery, with a Scot Agri service contract your machine will be serviced at regular intervals, this can also help to increase your resale value.  

Improved Performance 

Machinery that is well maintained performs better and works more efficiently. Regular services ensure that every component of your machine is working as intended and can also save you money on operational costs.