Horsch Pronto 4DC

For Wm Ronaldson & Sons, the versatility of the Pronto 4 DC sets it apart from other drills. "It's very good at cultivation, so we can use it directly after the plough. However, we can also use it as a min-till drill and a direct drill. It is so adaptable that it allows us to farm the way we want," explains William Ronaldson.

The Farm, located just outside of Wick, drills 500 acres of winter wheat, spring barley and sprint oats complemented by 200 acres of grassland for sheep and suckler cows. "We purchased our first Pronto DC in 2008 and it worked reliably through to its replacement in 2020. We looked at other drills, but the Pronto was still the best." 

Wm Ronaldson & Sons have run a combination drilling system for years and William says he would never consider farming without it. "Putting fertiliser and seed down at the same sprout gives the crop the best start. The drill has a 3,800-litre tank that's split 60:40 and seals airtight. That means the seed and fertiliser stays dry without caking, even if the drill's been out in the rain."

Direct Drilling has been easy with the Pronto. "We make a pass with the subsoiler then direct drill winter wheat into the stubble. We've also found that if the ground is too soft to plough following lots of rain, again direct drilling works very well. It also does a good job stitching grass seed and clover into the grassland after silage. The drill gives us plenty of options."

The Pronto features single-row shut-off which allows tramlines to be easily placed and minimises overseeding. In addition, the farm is experimenting with variable-rate drilling. "We're starting with barley and varying rates based on our soil mapping. It's early days but the Pronto has the capabilities to let us try different approaches."

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