"The tines are nothing short of amazing - incredible flexibility and strength around stones" 



The Dupplin Estate near Perth has been in the Dewar family since 1911. "We have 1458 hectares total in hand with a six-year rotation with peas, potatoes, grass, and OSR as break crops for wheat. As well as spring barley and barley, both for malting, we sow around 270ha per year of overwintered cover crops, explains farm manager, John Hogg.

"I was in need of a tined cultivator that we could use in front of the Pronto in the Spring, sometimes to break the ground open to help it dry and heat up but also to incorporate the cover crops predrilling."

The Cruiser 6SL arrived in March 2020. "It's also used for cultivating some ploughed ground and is very useful as a heavy-duty stubble rake operated shallow and fast. To date, we have only used the 5cm wide HM point which seems to work well for us."

Operating on soil types that vary greatly from very light sand and gravel to very heavy clay, John remarks that the Cruiser is genuinely capable of working all in situations. "Particularly in trash or stubble, the four tine-bar frame and high clearance means it will not choke.

"The tines are nothing short of amazing. When I purchased the machine, I bought some spare tines as I assumed we might suffer some tine breakage as we have some very heavy ground and plenty of rock and large stones. The spare tines are still on the shelf, unused - these tines have incredible flexibility and strength around stones."

John runs sprung levelling discs behind the tines due to stone content on the estate and the Rollflex packer which firms and breaks clods well.

"The support from Scot Agri has been good, in particular, my rep Jim Mitchell is always approachable and helpful and has been able to sort out any issues."

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