The MF 8s series was selected as ‘Tractor of The Year’ in 2021 and has also picked up numerous other industry awards for outstanding technology, productivity, and operational usage. It boasts efficient drivelines which brings higher levels of productivity while the engine efficiency lowers the operational costs, and the new cab offers quiet and comfort.

We recently caught up with Willie from W&W Mackie Whiteside Farm, Alford to find out what he thought of his brand-new Massey Ferguson 8S.305.

W&W Mackie Whiteside's MF8S.305 in action

How have you found the vehicle since taking delivery?

“Absolutely zero complaints, anything I ask it to do it does exceptionally well. We have ours fitted with the tyre inflation kit, so we’ve been using that a lot. It’s been amazing to have and operate.”

What are you enjoying the most about the machine?

“The thing that has impressed me is how good the dual screens are. I can have the auto steer and my drill on both at one time, I don’t need any additional screens to manage everything that’s going on.”

What made you get the 8S? Did you take a demo? Have you had MF before?

“We took it on demo and had some other things on demo too at the time. Previous vehicles were struggling to move some of the machinery, but the 8S, you would have forgotten it was even there. It just sails with everything you attach to it.”

How have you found the ride/comfort/cab experience?

“The comfort of the machine is completely different to anything I’ve seen before. I came off my previous tractor and onto this one, and it’s just chalk and cheese. The amount of grip that you can find, particularly in cultivation settings. I can even take a call or radio inside the 8S and people won’t even know that you’re inside, they don’t believe me!”

How have you found the technology, has it improved your operational experience?

“The tech inside it is marked and easy to use. It’s exactly where you want it to be, there is no delay. The manual front suspension, for example, follows every inch that you move it along, and there is no input delay when using it.”

How has your dealer backup and support been? Has the process from start to finish been smooth?

“Scot Agri has been great, anytime I call someone to say we have an issue, they do everything they can to get you going on that same day. Even for parts, sometimes the guys will drop them on their way home, just to make sure you get the part as soon as possible”

Anything else you would like to add?

“The ease of maintenance over the machine. All the key components and parts are easily accessible”

Massive thanks to Willie for providing us with this brilliant feedback on the Massey Ferguson 8S. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Click here to learn more about the machine or contact your local depot to set up a demo.