Efficient fertilisation is crucial in modern farming for several reasons, including productivity, efficiency and economic viability.  

Scot Agri stocks a wide range of muck and fertiliser spreaders from KRM and Ktwo, ensuring all sizes of operations are catered for.  


Muck Spreaders Vs Fertiliser Spreaders  

Both muck and fertiliser spreaders are essential tools in farming, but they are designed for different materials and purposes. Designed to spread organic waste such as manure and slurry, muck spreaders are heavy duty using rotating blades or paddles to evenly distribute organic fertiliser.  

On the other hand, fertiliser spreaders are designed to spread granular or powered chemical fertilisers. Similar to muck spreaders, precision is at the forefront of design to ensure precise and controlled distribution.  

At Scot Agri, we offer a wide range of both muck and fertiliser spreaders from manufacturers Ktwo and KRM, ensuring all your farm’s needs are expertly met!  


What are the best spreaders for a small farm?  

Choosing the best spreader for your farming operation can be difficult with various factors to consider. That’s where Scot Agri can help! Regardless of volume of fertiliser required, size of the farm, or budget, Scot Agri has the spreader to suit your farm’s needs.  

There are various factors to consider when purchasing a muck or fertiliser spreader for smaller farms: 

  1. Capacity and suitability: Smaller sized farms and operations may benefit from compact spreaders that are easier to manoeuvre in smaller spaces.  

  1. Spreading Efficiency: Spreaders must offer a consistent and uniform spread pattern to ensure optimal nutrient distribution.  

  1. Ease of use and maintenance:  For smaller farms and operations, it is vital that your spreader is easy to clean and maintain, with readily available parts, to ensure maximum productivity and minimal downtime.  

For small farms, both the KRM and Ktwo spreaders are excellent choices!  


Low-Cost Fertiliser Spreaders for Smaller Farms  

Scot Agri has many budget-friendly spreader options, without compromising on quality or productivity.  

  • KRM M35: The KRM M35 is one of the smallest mounted fertiliser models within the KRM Range, without compromising on power and productivity. The KRM M35 is known for affordability and reliability. Features include: 

  • Carrying capacity: 1,250 – 3,000 litres  

  • Spreading Width: 12 – 24 metres  

  • KRM L15: The KRM L15 is a compact mounted fertiliser, great for smaller farming applications. Similar to the KRM M35, the L15 is an affordable option for those looking for smaller spreader without compromising efficiency and precision. Features include:  

  • Carrying Capacity: 500 – 1,375 litres  

  • Spreading Width: 10 – 18 metres 

  • Ktwo ECO: The Ktwo ECO muck spreader is a vertical beater spreader that features a 6-tooth spiral flight construction which provides an even spread coverage. Other features include:  

  • Carrying Capacity: 7.8 to 10.8m 

  • Breaking Strain: 48 tonne  

  • Brakes: 355 x 80 millimetre 

  • Ktwo Duo: The Ktwo DUO muck spreader is the next step up in the Ktwo spreader range. The DUO benefits from a tapered body design for increased capacities up to 14 tonnes. Other features include:  

  • Carrying Capacity: 9.8 to 23.2m3    

  • Breaking Strain: 96 tonne  

  • Brakes: 420 x 180 millimetre 

What are the Advantages of a Spreader?  

Fertiliser and muck spreaders benefit from the following factors:  

  • Efficiency and Precision: Spreaders ensure that there is an even distribution of fertiliser and muck, promoting uniform crop growth.  

  • Cost-effectiveness: Spreaders automate the fertilisation process, lowering the need for manual labour and its associated costs. Fertiliser and muck spreaders are used efficiently, potentially reducing the need for additional purchases and maximising yields.  

  • Versatility: Spreaders are known to be very versatile due to their ability to handle different types of fertilisers. Additionally, some spreaders are multi-functional and can be used to spread other materials such as seed.  

Why Should I Buy a Spreader?  


  • Efficiency: Purchasing a spreader can streamline your farming operations through automating the process of spreading fertiliser and muck, saving time and labour.  

  • Waste Utilisation: By utilising muck fertilisers, you will be contributing to a more sustainable farming operation and enhancing your long-term savings.  

  • Versatility: Most muck spreader models can handle different types of manure, including solid, semi-solid, and slurry, ensuring versatility for various farm applications. Similarly, fertiliser spreaders can handle different types of pellet fertilisers and depending on the model can also be used for seeding.  


  • Initial Investment Cost: Fertiliser and muck spreaders can be expensive, representing a significant initial investment.  

  • Maintenance Cost: As with any piece of machinery, spreaders have regular maintenance costs and repairs to factor in, adding to the overall cost of ownership.  

With any large purchase, there are numerous considerations to be made to ensure you are purchasing the best spreader for your farm size and specific needs. Both budget and long-term benefits need to be considered.  

Contact us today and one of our team will help you find the right spreader for your farm.