What is a Loader?

A part of the JCB product line for over 50 years, wheel loaders were developed for the challenging environments presented on farms. A JCB agricultural wheel loader is designed for heavy duty tasks such as loading, transporting, and distributing materials such as feed, manure, and silage. Agricultural wheel loaders are often equipped with a front-mounted bucket that can be used for material handling through raising, lowering, and tilting the attachment.

Types of Loaders

Considered efficient and versatile, the loader comes in a variety of sizes and options to ensure they can accommodate multiple materials with ease. Scot Agri stocks a wide range of wheel loaders including Compact Track, Skid Steer and Telescopic Wheel Loaders, and Wheel loaders ensuring all farm applications are catered for.

JCB Compact Track Loaders

Despite their small size, JCB Compact Track Loaders pack a punch on the toughest of farm jobs, ensuring unrivalled productivity and performance. The JCB compact track loader product line provides both vertical and radial lift options ensuring there is a machine to take on challenges such as handling feed or clearing our barns.

Benefits of a JCB Compact Track Loader

·        Packed full of performance: The JCB compact track loader range provides the perfect power delivery with engine options of up to 73HP in the JCB 215T and 270T Compact Track Loaders.

·        Superior Design: JCB’s unique single-arm Power-Boom design provides greater visibility and safety which allows for better operational efficiency and improves operator visibility by 60%.


JCB Skid Steer Loaders

JCB Skid Steer Loaders feature a single-arm PowerBoom design, unlike traditional skid steers that have two lift arms, which increases their power and performance.  The design of the skid steer loaders enhances visibility, safety, and structural strength. The Skid Steer Loader range benefits from a maximum engine power of 73HP and a maximum rated operating capacity of 1,235kg.

Benefits of a JCB Skid Steer Loader:

·        Versatility: JCB Skid Steer loaders are extremely versatile with the wide range of attachments that they can be equipped with. They are often used in numerous jobs around the farm such as feeding, cleaning, and handling bales.

·        Efficiency: The quick hitch system design allows for various attachments to be changed swiftly and with ease, enhancing productivity.

Fuel Efficiency: The JCB Skid Steer is equipped with powerful yet fuel-efficient engines. The JCB range varies from 56HP in the 155 model to 73Hp in the 215, 270 and Teleskid 3TS-8.


JCB Telescopic Wheel Loaders

Considered an “all-in-one” machine, the JCB Telescopic Wheel Loader can be used for a variety of farm jobs such as material handling and livestock management down to their ability adopt the features of forklifts, wheel loaders and telescopic handlers alike. This creates a versatile and productive machine to enhance your fleet across multiple applications. JCB Telescopic Wheel Loaders benefit from key features such as a telescopic boom, articulated steering, permanent 4-wheel drive and superb tractive effort.

Benefits of a JCB Telescopic Wheel Loader:

The JCB TM320 features a more powerful model with greater reach and lift capacity, ideal for larger agricultural tasks.

·        Greater Productivity: The JCB Telescopic Wheel Loader features an 8-speed transmission with torque lock, easy to use hydraulics and improved load retention ensuring peak productivity.

·        Superb Visibility: The JCB TM320 benefits from a new one-piece, multi-curved glazing, increasing front visibility by 13% and improving ease of use.

The JCB TM420 offers the highest lift capacity and reach, designed for heavy duty applications and demanding environments faced by farmers and contractors.

·        Power to Perform: The JCB TM420 delivers immense power through it’s 4.8 litre Stage V DieselMAX engine, without compromising on ride comfort or stability.

·        Peak Efficiency: With maximum efficiency at the forefront of design, the TM420’s new transmission and variable speed engine ensures improved fuel economy.


JCB Wheel Loaders

The JCB Wheel Loader is designed to undertake bulk handling jobs with ease, regardless of size. With 13 models on offer, the agricultural wheel loader range, available at Scot Agri, features compact models through to large scale machines, capable of handling more than 3m3 of material. No matter the size, the JCB Wheel Loader offers owners excellent power with their JCB turbocharged engines, all while preserving fuel, ensuring high productivity without the cost.

With machine sizes and capabilities to suit every operation, the JCB Wheel Loader range provides extensive coverage of all applications. The range starts with the all-electric JCB 403E with an operating weight of 2,729KG and a battery capacity of 20kWh, to the JCB 457 Agri that features a maximum engine power of 182HP and a maximum operating weight of 19,812KG.  Regardless of the size of your farm or operation, Scot Agri has the perfect solution for you!

Benefits of a JCB Wheel Loader

1.        Technological Integration: JCB Wheel Loaders are equipped with advanced technology such as JCB LiveLink which offers real-time data on machine performance, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs, optimising efficiency and reducing down-time.

2.        Enhanced Load Handling: With the ability to handle 3m3 of material, the wheel loader excels at handling heavy loads such as large bales of hay or bulk quantities of grain.

3.        Comprehensive Support: Purchasing a wheel loader from Scot Agri ensures you have access to quality engineers and genuine JCB parts across Scotland and the North of England, ensuring downtime and disruption is minimised.


Wheel Loaders Vs Tractors

While Wheel Loaders and Tractors are both essential pieces of equipment in agricultural operations, they serve different functions with fundamental differences between the two. To better understand when a Wheel Loader would be better purposed on your farm, take a look at the main differences between wheel loaders and tractors featured below.


JCB Wheel Loaders


Primary Function

Material handling, bulk handling

Field work (ploughing, tilling, planting, harvesting)

Design and Structure

Loader arm and bucket, heavy-duty axles, articulated steering

Attachment points (three-point hitch, PTO), wheeled or tracked

Operator Environment

Focused control cabin, climate control, ergonomic seating, low noise levels

Multifunctional cabin, good visibility, controls for various implements

Engine and Power

High horsepower and torque, advanced hydraulic systems

Balanced power, fuel efficiency, Power Take-Off (PTO)


Specialised attachments (buckets, forks, grapples), quick couplers

Wide range of implements, hydraulic/mechanical/electrical interfaces


High maneuverability, tight turning radii, short-distance transport

Good traction on varied terrain, capable of longer-distance travel

















Whether you’re managing a small farm or a large agricultural enterprise, JCB Wheel Loaders provide the performance and durability required to meet the demands of today’s agricultural industry. To find out more about our JCB Wheel Loader range, contact your local depot and one of our specialists will be happy to help you!