The weather is slowly but surely improving, we are seeing double figures on the thermometer and the sun is poking its head through the rain clouds!

This means one thing, it’s time to get on the ground and make some progress with 2024’s arable growing season. 

In this month’s blog I am going to talk about the many advantages of Scot Agri’s range of Horsch drills.  Horsch cater for all needs of customers, whether that is a power harrow drill going over ploughed ground, a min till drill going over ploughed, cultivated or even non-tilled ground.  Or to the customers that have gone completely no till horsch can cater for those needs too.

Horsch Express KR Range

Let’s start by explaining the age-old way of power harrow drills.  The most common power harrow drills manufactured by Horsch is the “KR” range.

The Express KR combines the well-proven HORSCH seeding technology with pto-shaft driven tillage and the rotary harrow Kredo. Even under difficult conditions it allows for an intensive seedbed preparation. The rotary harrow Kredo has 10 rotating tools on 3 m working width. Its’ stable design is ideal even on stony soils and with quick-change tines it can be equipped with drag or TerraGrip tines. Tines with carbide coating are available for longest possible service life. The fine-step adjustment of the working depth of the rotary harrow is easily accessible from the outside and is clearly visible. The adjustment of the levelling bar, too, is very easy. To deal with farmers different size requirements, Horsch have working widths of 3, 3.5, 4 and 6 metres available.  The 3 and 3.5 meter has a rear hopper fitting on top of the power harrow unit, with the option of an additional hopper, this comes as standard for the 4 and 6 on the front.

 The front hopper is available in a 1600FT or a 2000FT.  If you are using seed and fertiliser or two different seeds, the Partner 2000 FT with double hopper is the perfect choice. The tank has a capacity of 2,200 litres and it is a pressurised hopper with a partition ratio of 60:40 (1,320:880l). Both Partner FT models can be equipped with an intermediate axle packer to guarantee a maximum soil protection.
The double fall sluice at the metering device of the Horsch Partner 1600 FT or at the two metering devices of the Partner 2000 FT allows for a half-width shut-off. Beside the manual control, an electrical control of the half-width shut-off is available, too, finally via GPS signal, it can be connected with SectionControl to reduce overlapping.

Horsch Pronto DC Range

The next most common drill that Scot Agri can provide is the Horsch Pronto DC which can be used with a wide range of crops and soil conditions. With the massive issue of erosion and carbon loss in agriculture, the Horsch Pronto is becoming the essential drill for our customers. A Horsch Pronto DC can be used on top of ploughing to put the spring crop in, and in the back end it can cover straight stubble and put in a cover crop for the winter to help keep the soil in good condition.

The Pronto DC is a universal seed drill with the lowest horsepower requirement on the market. Since its launch in 2003, farmers all over the world have been sowing with Horsch Pronto machines. By now, the Pronto sows on all continents in a wide variety of soils and in the most different conditions which is possible due to the individual adaption of the additional options. The Horsch Pronto DC range has operational speeds of up to 20 km/h and a precise seed placement as well as a good work patter, all of which are crucial. The straight, continuous frame with its simple design guarantees a low empty weight and results in a low horsepower requirement of the machine while the clear calibration of the machine saves time and increases efficiency in the field. These drills come in a various number of sizes starting from 3metres going all the way up to 12metres!

Next month I will be writing about the No till drills in depth.  No tills drills are becoming more and more popular as farmers want to try and keep erosion and nutrients in the soil as much as possible, especially with the massive increase of costs.

See you all next month!