What is a Telehandler?


Versatility and productivity are paramount in the dynamic landscape of modern agriculture. First pioneered in 1977, the JCB telescopic handler meets the diverse needs of farmers and agricultural professionals. Telescopic handlers, commonly known as a telehandler or loadall, are multi-purpose machines designed to be used around the farm for a variety of applications.

With 13 models, ranging from the JCB 514-40 to the JCB 540-200 to choose from, JCB telehandlers are known for their versatility. Across the JCB range, telehandlers serve a multitude of applications due to their versatility, manoeuvrability and lifting capabilities. Telehandlers are commonly used for material handling including moving and unloading materials such as bales, feed, fertiliser, and other agricultural products commonly used on a farm. Additionally, telehandlers can assist with tasks such as livestock management, including transportation of hay, straw and feed, enabling farms to increase productivity due to their multi-functional designs.


Benefits of the JCB Telehandler Range

No matter the size, you can be certain when buying a JCB Agricultural Telehandler that innovation and versatility is at the forefront of design. JCB telehandlers benefit from the following features:

1. Hydraulics

JCB telehandlers feature advanced hydraulic systems for smooth and precise operation of booms and attachments. Efficiency is at the heart of the design of JCB telehandlers with features such as load-sensing hydraulics for efficient power-usage. JCB hydraulic systems are engineered to improve efficiency which results in a 15% reduction in fuel consumption.

2. Boom Configuration

JCB agricultural telehandlers are equipped with telescopic booms which provide excellent reach and lift height both vertically and horizontally, ranging from 4 to 9.5 meters depending on the model. This is both essential and beneficial for agricultural tasks such as loading and stacking.

3. Lift Capacity

Depending on the specific model, JCB telehandlers pack a punch with impressive lift capacities ranging from 1,400kg to 6,000kg, allowing them to handle heavy loads in farm operations with ease.

4. Attachments

Versatility is at the forefront of JCB telehandler’s designs with the capability of handling various tasks due to wide range of attachments available. Scot Agri offers numerous attachments ranging from bucket brushes to power grabs, allowing you to maximise your telehandler’s workload.


Small, But Mighty


The Stage V Compact Range of JCB telehandlers ensure maximum productivity and manoeuvrability all in a small package. Featuring a compact wheelbase and tight steering lock angles, JCB’s compact loadalls can manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces. Despite the smaller stature, the compact telehandler range does not compromise on power, durability, or reliability. JCB telehandlers are put through rigorous testing and validation programs to ensure your loadall is built to last with low operational costs, whilst holding their value for the future. The smallest in the range is the JCB 514-40 with a maximum lift height of 4.035m and an impressive lift capacity of 1,400kg


Great Things Come in III’s


With six telehandlers in the Stage V Series III Range, Scot Agri has a loadall for every farm operation. These telehandlers feature JCB’s dieselmax engines ensuring they meet the latest EU Stage V regulations with ultra-low emissions and low fuel consumption. Series III telehandlers are all round best-in-class when considering visibility, with a seamless one piece, multi curved glazing, increasing front visibility by 14%.
• Stage V Series III Range: JCB 532-60560-80
• Lift Height: 6.22 – 9.49 metres
• Lift Capacity: 3,200kg – 6,000kg


Fully Electric


The 525-60E is 100% electric loadall with zero emissions, less noise and zero compromise on performance. The reduced noise levels mean the JCB 525-60E is ideal for working in indoors, out of hours and operating in sensitive environments such as stables. The 525-60E features JCB’s LiveLink telematics system as standard, ensuring the 525-60E provides real-time data on machine location, performance, service requirement and usage. The electric telehandler benefits from lower operating costs and reduced energy costs with a maintenance-free battery and less servicing.
• Maximum Lift Height: 6 metres
• Maximum Lift Capacity: 2,500kg
• Battery Power: 24kWh


Whether it’s lifting heavy loads, reaching new heights, or livestock management, JCB loadalls prove to be indispensable tools for modern farms. To find out more about our JCB Telehandler range, contact your local depot and one of our specialists will be happy to help you!