The temperature has risen, the crops are growing. It's always a nice sight when driving around the country, seeing the cattle outside and lambs running around in lamb gangs. 

It’s been a very rushed spring drilling campaign at Scot Agri, with drills going out to customers for them to see how they could utilize them. One standout machine this season is the Horsch Avatar Drill. 

The Avatar… Yes, it's a movie, but it's also a market-leading disc drill from Horsch! 

8 reasons why the Horsch Avatar Drill is a game-changer for your farming needs: 

  1. Compact Machine: Working widths from 3 to 8 meters.
  2. 2-Bar Design: Row spacing of 16.7 cm and clearance of 33.4 cm per row ensures reliability even with heavy harvest residues or intensive catch crops.
  3. Large Transport Wheels: Reduce soil compaction, even with a full hopper.
  4. Light Basic Machine: Ideal for sowing after conventional tillage or mulch seed.
  5. Additional Weights: Guarantee a safe formation of the furrow and firming of the seed with the SingleDisc coulter, even in the toughest conditions.
  6. Half-Width Shut-Off: Standard mechanical half-width shut-off; optional electric control via ISOBUS Terminal or automatic with SectionControl activation.
  7. Versatile Hopper System: Single and double hopper options for seed and fertiliser.
    • Avatar 3 / 4 / 4 rigid SD Single, double and triple hopper. Triple hopper with a partition of 60 : 10 : 30 for maximum flexibility, micro-granular unit in combination with single hopper.
    • Avatar 6 / 8 SD Single hopper: can be equipped additionally with a micro-granular unit Double hopper: can be equipped with an additional third hopper with standard metering device for seed or the metering of a micro-granular compound.
  8. Seed Distribution: Even distribution to the two seed rows with options for different seeds from the double hopper. 

Other No-Till Drill Options 

While the Horsch Avatar Drill is a standout, we also offer other excellent no-till drills:  

Horsch Sprinter ST 

The Sprinter ST is a tine seeder that combines soil preparation, seeding, and fertilization in one pass. It's robust, with clear advantages in min-till conditions, especially with lots of straw residues. Its strong frame, low draft coulters, and large seed hoppers ensure high performance and excellent economic input/output ratio. This drill is ideal for reducing time-consuming processes to one pass, increasing precision in seed and fertilizer placement, and ensuring optimal seed-to-soil contact. The Sprinter ST is available with seed hopper capacities up to 5,000 litres, and the Sprinter SW has an 8,000-litre capacity. 

Horsch Focus TD 

The Horsch Focus TD represents the advanced development of the Strip Till approach. It combines targeted loosening below the seed row with focused fertilizer placement using well-proven components. This approach creates a perfectly loosened root area with an added fertilizer deposit, enhancing root growth and drought resistance. The Focus TD is perfect for achieving a well-loosened root area and deeper, more efficient root systems. 

As the spraying season has started and is in full swing, next month I will be talking about the Berthoud Sprayer range as well as the Horsch crop protection range. Stay tuned!