Balers play a vital role in agriculture; they allow cut crops such as hay or silage to be compressed into compact bales which are much easier to move and store. Scot Agri is proud to supply the full baler range from Massey Ferguson and in this blog, we are going to explain the differences between the different models and the reasons they are used to help you make the right decision.

Massey Ferguson is a trusted name for farmers around the world and is a renowned pioneer in agricultural machinery and their balers are no exception.

Massey Ferguson supply both round and square balers, whether you’re baling a few hectares or producing thousands of bales all year round, no matter the size or shape of bale, Massey Ferguson and Scot Agri have got you covered.


Round Balers

Round balers produce cylindrical, round bales which typically range from 4 to 6 feet wide. Round bales tend to be stored outside as the shape of the bale holds up well to rain and are well suited for feeding livestock as the bales work easily with feeders for cattle.


Benefits of Round Balers

  1. Versatility: Round balers can handle a variety of crops and conditions, including grass, straw, silage and more while ensuring uniform and dense bales.
  2. Storage Efficiency: The cylindrical shape produced by both the MFRB F and MFRB V allows for efficient stacking and storage.
  3. Cost-saving: A round baler can save you on labour and is less expensive than a square baler.


Massey Ferguson manufacturers two round baler ranges, both of which are supplied by Scot Agri:

  • MF RB F (fixed chamber)
  • MF RB V (variable chamber)



The MF RB F range has a fixed chamber baler which means it produces bales of the same size and shape during each baling process.  Generally used with drier materials, fixed chamber balers are simpler in design and are mostly found in smaller operations.

The MF RB F range features two models, The MF RB 3130F and the MF RB3130F Xtra. Both are designed for reliability and consistency with a pick-up width ranging from 2.25m to 2.4m and a chamber width of 1.23m.




On the other hand, the MF RB V has a variable chamber which means you can change the size of the bales to suit your specific needs. This is achieved using belts or chains that contract the chamber of the baler. Variable chamber balers are more complex in design and are mostly used on wetter crops.

The MF RB V range has two models, MF RB 4160 V Classic and the MF RB 4160V Xtra. You can change the diameter of the chamber from 0.7m to 1.6m on either model, the Class model requires 80Hp whereas the Xtra requires 95Hp.



Square Balers

Square balers produce square or rectangular bales and are often found in farms where the transportation or sales of bales is smaller.


Benefits of a Square Baler:

  1. Uniformity: Square balers produce smaller consistent square bales, allowing easier transport and more efficient storage.
  2. Durability: Massey Ferguson square baler ranges are renowned for their durability due to their low power requirement, ensuring years of reliable service and maximising cost-efficiency.
  3. Easy to Handle: Although square balers may be slower in the field, it is a lot easier and quicker to move and transport square bales.


Scot Agri supplies both Massey Ferguson square baler ranges:

  • MF 1840
  • MF LB 2200



The MF1840 range is a ‘centreline’ design baler which produces small rectangular bales. Advantageous to smaller scale operations, the MF1840 benefits from easy manoeuvrability due to its narrower profile, without compromising output or productivity.  The MF 1840 produces a bale size of 356x457mm and has a working width of 1,900mm.



MF LB 2200

Today’s farmers, contractors, hay and straw merchants, and industrial consumers of large square bales all benefit from the large sizes of bales produced by the MF LB 2200 Series. With a bale size of 1,200mm, the MF LB 2200 Series benefits from the consistency and uniformity needed for easy transportation and handling, ensuring maximum productivity throughout large scale operations.



Scot Agri has the Massey Ferguson baler to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a fixed chamber round baler like the MF RB F or a large-scale square baler like the MF LB 2200, we can help. If you’re still not sure which model is right for you, contact your local depot and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.

One thing is for sure though, any operation would greatly benefit from investing in a Massey Ferguson Baler!