Spring is nearly upon us (hopefully)!

The Tractors are now out in the field spreading fertiliser trying to prepare the ground for this year’s crop going in. This is where our Massey Ferguson tractors and JCB Fastrac can start to show what makes them market leading machines. This month I will be talking through what I believe are the main benefits of Massey Ferguson and JCB Tractors supplied by Scot Agri.

Massey Ferguson Tractors

With the introduction of the MF 5S, 6S, 7S 8S and most recently 9S tractor ranges Massey Ferguson have made many improvements to their large tractors.

What are the real working benefits?

Massey Fergusons Dyna 6, Dyna7 and DynaVT gearboxes provide efficiency and smoothness in field. Each option comes with Engine Power Management (EPM) allowing the operator to deliver more power when it is needed, they can also increase your power efficiency by up to 26% (model dependent).

The new cab design found in the flagship Massey Ferguson “S” tractor ranges give the operator a quiet, cool cab with a new ergonomic armrest with MutiPad lever and Multifunction joystick for ease of control. The MF 8S has the lowest noise level, only 68dB, on the market just now.

Finally with the updated operating software, Massey operators are getting more done in the field faster.

JCB Tractors

JCB have recently brought out their new Fastrac iCON range with some of the biggest improvements JCB have ever made to their tractors. The JCB Fastrac iCON range runs new gearbox software so that the engine automatically finds the most efficient RPM to run on, there is a new screen with integrated ISOBUS, JCB guidance and cameras.

What are the real working benefits?

Well, if we look at the JCB iCON range, the first thing is comfort. The seat can now be heated or cooled (mostly heated in Scotland I’d guess) and the new armrest has two joysticks where you can allocate many different operating functions including ISOBUS. There is also an option to create work profiles so the operator can save all his preferred settings to a specific profile, meaning set up is quicker the next time around.

The new JCB Guidance complete option runs a NOVATEL Smart-7 receiver which provides more efficiency in the field and reduces operator fatigue.

The dual acting independent suspension in the JCB Fastrac iCON range allows the operator to get the power to the ground safely and efficiently, providing grip in average conditions we find ourselves in now.  With the 50-50 weight distribution, the operator can use less ballast on the front of the machine, reducing compaction and still getting the correct grip. If grip and ballast are something the customer would like to increase JCB have the option of a deck weight.  These are fitted to the award winning JCB Fastrac iCON cab. In the 4000 series the deck weight is 900kg, in the 8000 series, there is the option to add another 700KG on top.  This weight is situated slightly in front of the rear axles, and using the dual acting suspension, this provides 60% of the weight on the rear of the machine and 40% to the front. When conditions dry up more and the deck weight is not needed, simply lift it off.

Don’t believe me? Why don’t you get a demo and see for yourself. Drop me an email at willie.russell@scotagri.co.uk to arrange one.

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