Honda Pioneer UTVs

The Honda Pioneer 520 UTV packs a punch. It is tough enough to tackle the harshest landscapes and small enough to reach the tightest of locations. The Pioneer 520 comes with a 518cc engine, a five-speed automatic transmission and has been specially tuned to ensure a low rpm torque. The Honda Pioneer 520 is built with multiple features which help you get those big jobs done while offering comfort, efficiency and build quality you’d expect from a Honda.

Small but Mighty

Overall, the Honda Pioneer is only 127cm wide allowing you and a passenger to reach places other UTVs can’t reach. The Pioneer 520 has a 204kg cargo bed capacity with a tailgate for easier loading and dumping and you can tow up to 454kg despite its small size.

Honda Pioneer UTVs

Pioneer 520
Pioneer 520

The Honda Pioneer 520 is compact and versatile with a slender profile allowing you, a passenger, and your cargo to venture where other UTVs can't go.

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